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We call on you to join EarthToday. A new platform to share your stories within a framework of the GlobalGoals and to campaign to raise funds for nature protection. We have set the challenge to protect 1 million m² of nature in one month. Will you join?

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Share stories. Protect our planet.

On EarthToday you can create your own profile, share your stories and showcase your cause. We are a community of change makers who work together to increase awareness on the state of the planet and accelerate nature protection on a global scale.

1m² proofs of protection

On EarthToday people can
protect 1m² of nature for €1,20.

Share stories and projects

You can create a profile page,
share and promote your stories
and causes.

Campaign for a cause

For every m² protected, €1
will be donated to a non-profit
organization on EarthToday.

Campaign for EarthToday
APRIL 22 - May 22

On Earth Day, April 22, we will launch EarthToday. You are invited, with 99 others, to join our rainbow community: a diverse group of thought leaders, change makers and ambassadors. Together, we will rise up to the challenge to protect the first 1 million m² of nature with the help of our following on socials.

A partnership for people and planet
We call on you to join EarthToday

We are organized as a ‘for-purpose venture’ governed by EarthToday Foundation, Amsterdam. 83% of every euro goes to nature protection and charity. EarthToday is developed to sustainably facilitate a growing group of conscious people from all around the world who want to take care of each other and the planet we live on.

Why join EarthToday

Together we can make this world green again.
There was once a prophecy that when the whales are dying and the Earth is crying, people – from all colours of the rainbow – will stand up and speak out. To join forces. To share information. To care for each other. And protect the planet we live on. Will you join us?

Nature needs half.
Scientists from around the globe agree that we need to protect 50% of our precious planet to safeguard the future of our children. And still, every day, millions of m² of rainforest are cut down. The oceans and rivers are polluted. And wildlife is on the run. We need to stop this now.

The time has come to stand up.
As an opinion leader in your field, you are an important influencer of the people who follow you, trust you and want to be informed by you. We invite you to use your ‘voice’ for the benefit of Mother Earth. She is in pain. And you can help.

A campaign to protect nature, meter x meter.
We designed a campaign where your following can support you in protecting m² of nature. For every m² your supporters protect, we will protect a m² on your behalf. We will help you set it all up.

A platform for people and planet.
The ‘meter x meter’ initiative is a collaboration between and UnionOfNature Foundation – a partnership of global nature protection organizations. It is facilitated on – a news and media hub to inform, inspire, educate and entertain.